The art of...
Yvonne Stevens
and Janet Edington, Heel Kickin Creations
Yvonne above, riding Jes,
and at left in her studio
Yvonne Stevens is a self-taught artist who originally released her works under the name
named Paige.  

Yvonne took a few minutes to share some facts about her model horse hobby
endeavors and her approach to her artist resins.  

I am self taught and started out customizing Breyers.  I have a very artsy family with a
mother, aunt and grandmother painting in oils.  I have always played with drawing but
really found my niche when I picked up the airbrush, then sculpting afterwards came
natural.  I met Janet in 2003 (who was already an established bronze artist) and we
began sculpting together, we were great for each other giving each other critiques.  Our
first resin was Bold Endeavor who sold out in 5 short months.  That excited us and from
Bold Endeavor came Sheza Little Bolder.  Atfer that we created a tied calf, cutting calf,
cutting mare and the list grew.  We went off on our own creating some of our own
sculptures.  My most successful being Miss Ellie Mae, a Stablemate mule, named after a
very special Afghan Hound that I rescued in 2007.  

How did you start collecting model horses?
I started collecting when I was a little girl.  My first was the black stablemate Morgan.  I in
California.  I saved up for over a month and always went in after school to make sure he
was still there.  I finally saved enough to buy him and still have him today.  I have had to
repair an ear and two legs but he still looks mint!  I never knew then that someday I
would own a real Tennessee Walker that was a descendent of Midnight Sun!  That
would be Freckles the red chestnut mare.  

How do you get ideas for your sculptures?
My mind never seems to quit for ideas.  I look for realism and when Janet and I started
out we loved performance and everything we sculpted had to be able to be performance
minded.  Nowadays if I see a breed or a position I like I will try it.  There are way too
many bodies here that have been started and never finished, LOL.   I have sculpted in
Apoxy, clay and wax.  

What's your favorite part of sculpting?
I love the face, for me the horses eye is the window to their soul and sculpting a great
one really brings the sculpture to life.  I love it when a sculpture speaks to you and just
comes together so easily, just like painting one that speaks a certain color.  They can
never be denied!

What else do you enjoy?
I also enjoy hiking, camping, agility and dog showing, live showing when I can, want to
get into competition shooting and I love traveling in the BigRig with my husband, Eric.