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Interchangeable mane on "With a Twist" is a patent owned by Candace Liddy and others; patent is licensed
to EquinArt Creations for the purpose of casting this sculpture. No sculpture may be recast for any purposes
whatsoever.  All works of art are works of the imagination, and any resemblance to a real horse, living or
dead, is coincidental. Sculpture names are selected by the artists. Artists are solely responsible for their own
works, naming their works, and representing their works accurately.  Unless otherwise stated, artwork sold on
our site does not reflect a real horse, living or dead. All artists retain the copyright to their sculptures. No
derivative works or copies are permitted.  Permission to use the name "Champagne Watchout" and all
images of the actual horse granted by Nate Jackson, owner of the stallion Champagne Watchout.  The
images on this site may not be copied, used or transmitted in any way without the permission of EquinArt
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October 2014
An Important Announcement
Dear Friends,

After 10 years of running EquinArt Creations, John and I have
decided to stop selling artist resin and china horse models at
the end of 2014.

Throughout October and November, you can still order
models from our website. In December, we'll begin shutting
down orders and shifting our website over to our new
business model.  But don't worry - the wonderful artists
you've come to know and love through our company will
continue selling their works. We'll include links to their
websites from our new site so you can connect with them.

Starting in 2015, look for a new website and a new EquinArt
Creations.  EquinArt Creations will focus solely on books,
periodicals and other media about the model horse hobby, for
the model horse hobby.

We hope that you'll continue to subscribe to our email list and
follow us on Facebook. Look for an exciting and new EquinArt
Creations, January 2015!

Jeanne  & John Grunert

SILVER FOX by Candace Liddy. Available unpainted or custom painted.
CHAMPAGNE WATCHOUT by Michelle Platt. Gorgeous naturally gaited TWH inspired by
the real stallion!
HALE by Ann M. Moore. Breton draft stallion, Stablemate scale.